Health & Nature – a gentle walk through the woodland in Cally Park

01 July 2021

10:00 - 11:30

Cally Park. Please register using the link in post

Everything is connected: how time in nature changes our brains and bodies. A gentle stroll through the woodland in Cally Park.

About the Walk

Enjoy a gentle stroll around Cally Park with Viv Rowdon from The Garden Classroom. Time in nature, particularly among trees, is increasingly regarded as vital for holistic wellbeing; how we feel, how we think, how we relate to others. Experience the value of being among trees through simple physical and meditative practices, balance your nervous system and learn to notice the details.

About Caledonian Park

The history of Caledonian (Cally) Park and the local area extends beyond the iconic clock tower itself. The park and local area hide many clues to the history of the cattle market and the subsequent “Cally” market. We are Islington’s second largest park and an important hub for nature in the borough.

About The Garden Classroom (TGC)

TGC provide urban children and adults with transformative outdoor experiences devised to encourage active lifestyles, promote self-discovery, inspire growth and stimulate respect for nature

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