Capturing the Park

10 February 2022

10:00 - 02:00

Cally Clock Tower Centre. Free Entry

Capturing the Park

An exhibition of photographs from Vicky Lee

“In November 2021 the clocks had changed to wintertime. I found it increasingly difficult to get off my settee and go for a daily walk. I needed to be outdoors in the light. I needed a purpose, something to look forward to, something with meaning. I had visited the Joy and Tranquility exhibition at the Wellcome Museum and was very moved by the large photographs of the Rainforest in the Tranquility exhibition. I felt I could walk into the giant images covering the walls. My weekly creative zoom meeting was exploring Gratitude and I realised that I could walk with gratitude in the park. I could actively look each day at what drew my attention what I find fascinating or moving or beautiful. I decided to use my iPhone camera to capture for myself an image of some feature in nature that drew my attention. I found myself sharing my images of fallen leaves in the cafe and was encouraged by the enthusiastic response. Instead of feeling sad as the days grew darker and the rain clouds covered the sky, I looked for joy and beauty in the park. Each day was different and I began to look forward to using my camera phone to explore the park. It is no longer a chore to go for a walk and each day I find something new. My images are a record for me of what I see and feel that brings me joy. I would love to share them with you.”

Vicky Lee

February 2022