Clifford Hall

The painter Clifford Hall visited the market regularly in the early 1930s to make sketches for a series of paintings he planned for an exhibition.

He produced a set of twelve paintings which were displayed in a private West End gallery and sold to different buyers.

We only know the whereabouts of one of these Clifford Hall paintings, which is in the Museum of London collection and is reproduced as a large image on the Ground Floor of the Clock Tower.

During the research for this project, his son mentioned that he had a number of the preliminary sketches and watercolours that Clifford Hall produced during his visits to the market.

The sketches are quick and lively views of the scenes, capturing the spirit of the Cally Market. They appear as part of the film and soundscape inside the Clock Tower.

If you look at the Cally Market scene on the park gates you can see the silhouette of the artist in the background, sketching the view while (characteristically) smoking a cigarette.

The drawings featured on this page are by Clifford Hall (1904-1973) and used by kind permission of the artist’s estate.