Art in the Park July 2020

11th August 2020

Art in the Park visit Cally Park!

21 July 2020

Cally Park received a visit from Art in the Park, the sketching group of the Islington Art Society on 21 July 2020. The group meets monthly in different parks across Islington and the surrounding areas. Members produce a mixture of paintings, sketches and even sculptures inspired by what they see during their visit.

The (socially distanced!) artists outside Cally Clock Tower

Cally Park welcomed 13 (socially-distanced!) artists with another working on a Cally-inspired project at home. It was a lovely sunny day with the park filled with people enjoying the weather. The group produced some fantastic work during their visit which they have kindly agreed to share with us.

Alison Sandifer
Alison Sandifer
Ann Kozlowski-Hunt
Avis Dennis
Diane Umemoto
Gill Steiner
Janet Payne
Mark Hodge
Pam Ridgen
Priscilla Worley
Priscilla Worley
Sara Mclaughlin
Sara Mclaughlin
Sue Lees
Tricia Sharpe